The FilamentFactory

Providing customised technical yarns since 1966

Being one of Europe’s most experienced spinning-mills for high tenacity filament yarns, The FilamentFactory is a long-established and traditional supplier and manufacturer of polyester filament yarns for even the most demanding markets such as automotive and aviation.

Our mission is to always provide the best possible solution for our customers – together we create products that add value.

Meet our new trainee.

The FilamentFactory continous to bring in young and dynamic energy to the company.

The FilamentFactory launches Ec0PET.

An innovative product line that positively impacts the protection of ecology and sustainability.

Drawing and twisting at warp speed

We offer a variety of different spinning and drawing technologies.

Thanks to the unique degasser technology, our filament yarns are produced in unsurpassed quality for
versatile technical applications. 
The essential difference in the production of high tenacity polyester
yarns is the individual drawing process.

Main market segments supplied:

Coated fibers and fabrics
Engineered rubberized goods
Narrow fabrics & Automotive Safety
Sewing thread
Ropes and Braiding

Additional In-house technologies:

Twisting & Heatsetting
Air-texturing (ATY / Taslan)
Short cut fibres

Our product range

PET Fabric


Recycling PET


stator lacing




PBT sewing threads






Textile roof


Our Latest News

Ec0PET yarns by The FilamentFactory

Ec0PET yarns by The FilamentFactory

Are you also concerned about the impact of plastic waste on our planet?Then Ec0PET yarns are just what you need: an innovative solution that will take the sustainable industry by storm. Ec0PET yarns...

Farewell to our electrician trainees

Farewell to our electrician trainees

After three and a half years of successful training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at The FilamentFactory, we said goodbye to the apprentices Andre Meik Fischer and Simon...