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Polyester is worldwide established in the textile industry as a well-balanced cost-performance material. Polyester filament yarns are used in the widest array of applications, from production complex technical applications to fast moving fashion.

Fortunately the traditional image of Polyester as a commodity is changing due to the continuous diversification and functionalization of new performing yarns and fabrics. Also the abrasion and performance of a high tenacity PET is much better compared to a standard PET. With our history of more than 50 years in Polyester filament yarns we are used to develop specific yarns for every application. Our heterogeneous machinery park enables us to react on changing market situations and customer needs.

high tenacity
abrasion resistant

Polyester yarns with polymer additives – inherent effect:

Inherent flame retardant
IR Reflected
UV stabilized

Special finishes: 

FDA approved for food and water contact
Adhesive activation for rubber

Additional options:

Recycled Polyester – R-PET – 100% GRS Certified
Cross-Sections: round, trilobal, hollow
Air-Texturing (ATY / Taslan)
HMLS – high modulus low shrinkage
Low shrinkage / high shrinkage
HT Nylon substitue

You did not found what you are looking for? – We are open to discuss and evaluate alternative polymers and options to fulfill your needs.