ECOPET Multifilaments

New high-performance functional multifilaments

Ec0PET-yarns are designed to behave more like natural fibers when they end up in the environment. Products made with Ec0PET yarns reduce the persistence of plastic microfibers in our oceans and plastic accumulation in landfills.

high tenacity
reduction of ocean pollution
reduction of plastic pollution

Our Ciclo-Ec0PET-Masterbatch is an easy to implement biomimetic solution that minimizes polyester pollution through biodegradation in four real world environments:

  • Microfibers in sea water
  • Microfibers in wastewater treatment plants
  • Microfibers in soil
  • and discarded synthetic textiles in landfills


*Biodegradation studies are conducted and validated by an independent 3rd party laboratory using internationally recognized ASTM test methods. Laboratory studies represent optimal conditions. As with all materials, the actual rate and extent of biodegradation of CiCLO® fibers are dependent upon individual conditions in actual environments. 91.1% biodegradation in 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 conditions (accelerated landfill environment); 91.5% biodegradation in 844 days under ASTM D6691 conditions (accelerated marine/ocean environment). The stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean that the product will continue to degrade. IMPORTANT CALIFORNIA NOTICE: California law prohibits the sale of plastic packaging and plastic products that are labeled with the terms ‘biodegradable,’ ‘degradable,’ or ‘decomposable,’ or any form of those terms, or that imply in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all sales in or into the State of California, including such sales over the internet.

CiCLO. CiCLO-microplastic-reduction. Source: as of 26 April 2022.

CiCLO. CiCLO-reduces-synthetic-textile-accumulation-in-landfills. Source: as of 26 April 2022.

CiCLO. Mircoplastic floating in ocean water. as of 26 April 2022.

CiCLO. Landfill with excavator. Source: as of 26 April 2022.

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