sewing threads

Sewing Thread

The FilamentFactory sewing threads are recognised worldwide for their excellent dyeability and strength. But there is a lot more to it. Our super fine counts are available with an FDA approved finish. We offer inherent flame retardation, solution dyed colours and outstanding stretch/recovery characteristics.

With our engineered filament program, we are able to modify the sewing thread to create a perfect fit with your application. Get in touch with our sales team, they can measure your requirements and propose a ‘tailor made’ solution.

Superior Performance
Our range of high quality, low-denier thread, and high-denier yarns enable customers to cover a wide variety of sewing and embroidery applications

Dyeability is a key feature or our threads: the right choice
when colour uniformity is crucial

High tensile strength and conformity make our threads
a great choice for many applications

We offer flexibility in packaging
and yarn make-ups (cones and pirns)

Embroidery, Outdoor Fabrics, Signs, Awnings, Braided Cords, Leather Goods, Technical Textiles, Apparel, Automotive