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The FilamentFactory (TFF) launches a new product line and makes a significant contribution to the protection of ecology and sustainability. With the signing of the certified manufacturing agreement with the cooperation partner CiCLO®, TFF starts the production of the new product group Ec0PET. In this product line, TFF uses Ciclo’s proprietary technology to accelerate the biodegradation process of the polyester which takes place on an industrial scale.

The CiCLO® additive technology allows polyester fibers to degrade similarly, even better, than natural fibers such as wool. With the use of this novel technology, the industrial biodegradation process is accelerated, which in turn contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in landfills and plastic pollution from synthetic microfibers in our oceans.

The long-term tests in aerobic (seawater) as well as anaerobic environments (sewage sludge and landfill), respectively show a biodegradation of more than 90% after a short period of time, while a standard PET hardly degrades significantly. At the same time, ongoing research shows that Ec0PET exhibits no strength degradation after one year under normal storage conditions.

The properties of the new high-performance functional multifilament yarn are comparable to current PET filament yarns. Due to the two-step manufacturing process, the features, such as shrinkage, specific strength/elongation are extremely constant and are ideally suited for use in technical applications.

The new yarn family will be available in titers from 76 dtex up to 6600 dtex and will also be offered with twist >S/Z60 depending on requirements.

Applications for these new Ec0PET high tenacity filament yarns may include, in particular, automotives, geotextiles, textile construction, exhibition stand construction, nets, advertising banners, retail products, packaging, ropes, shoe and apparel industries, and many more.

The FilamentFactory in Techtextil

The FilamentFactory in Techtextil

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