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DEPLEIGHT – 100% biobased – 100% sustainable – 100% future

The 100% biobased multifilament yarns by The FilamentFactory GmbH derived from PLA-biopolymers synthesized from vegetable, regenerable and renewable resources. Being compostable and organically recyclable under controlled conditions, PLA can contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

energy efficient manufacturing
high tenacity


sugar cane

Sugar cane

sugar beets

Sugar beets



PLA Polymer Comparison

Key benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly – extremely low carbon footprint [CO2/kg]
  • Plants absorb CO2 during growth
  • Significant less energy and greenhouse gas in PLA production compared to fossil-based polymers
  • Cost saving due to low heat set temperatures
  • Lightweight – specific weight lower than most of the natural & synthetic fibres
  • Dyeability – better than synthetic fibres
  • Tenacity – comparable to synthetic yarns
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties

Do you have further questions?

Processing, properties, areas of application, possible use cases: We would be happy to advise you personally on our performance material yarns.

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