ROOFING Monastery Ruins Bad Hersfeld


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ROOFING Monastery Ruins Bad Hersfeld

Headline Focus- 01.12.2017

Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld
Photo: Bad Hersfelder Festspiele
With the new season 2018, the Bad Hersfeld Festival celebrates a special anniversary: in 1968, 50 years ago, the magnificent tent roof of the star architect Frei Otto was installed above the auditorium of the monastery ruins and since then protects the visitors from rain and weather.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the Bad Hersfeld-based company The FilamentFactory (formerly Performance Fibers) offers a very special gift: a new roof over the spectator area of the monastery ruins.

Ralph Van Loo, managing director of the Filament Factory, made this possible: "The FilamentFactory is proud to be a part of the festival city." And further: "These festivals are invaluable to the city, and it is not only in the struggle for skilled labor that it is important to have a seat in a city that has such an image and such cultural recreational value." We are committed to the city and the region and we want to promote and support the festival. "

Already 25 years ago, the covering over the abbey ruins was changed for the first time and has since served well. Now it is time for a renewal, of course true to the original and the construction of Frei Otto accordingly. Andrea Jung, Commercial Director of the Bad Hersfeld festival: "The fact that the roof lasted so long shows that The FilamentFactory delivers first-class quality, considering that the material has to endure a lot It has to be open and close at short notice and it has to be able to withstand any weather, but the fact that The FilamentFactory is now donating a new roof is incredibly generous and supports the festival, the city and the culture in the city more than sustainable.”

The roof over the auditorium of the monastery ruins is a unique construction and was an architectural model for a variety of modern tent structures and roofs. If required, it will be opened and closed by 21 engines. Ralph Van Loo: "The construction is a masterpiece, the convent ruin is one of a kind, it fits in with us and our products."

700 different yarns, which differ in strength, thickness or color, for example, are produced in Bad Hersfeld by The FilamentFactory. The yarns are mainly used in the automotive industry, for example for the safety belts of the Mercedes S-Class. Including high-quality yarns that are used in electric vehicles. But awnings also come from the yarns of Bad Hersfeld - such as the roof of the monastery ruins or the Schalke Stadium.

Together with its partner Velabran (membrane architecture) in Munich, The FilamentFactory will produce the nearly 1,500 square meter covering. The new roof is expected to be presented at the 68th Bad Hersfelder festival 2018 for the first time.