Polyester is widely appreciated as a well-balanced cost-performance fibre. PET filaments are used in the most wide array of applications, from production belts to fashion.

This image of PET as a commodity is changing however, due to the emergence of new performance PET such as micro fibres. In recent years, The FilamentFactory developed specific PET filaments for the most demanding applications.  You can enjoy the benefits of this lead position by applying innovative polyester fibres and yarns.

High Tenacity Polyester yarns are the flag ship of The FilamentFactory. Based on our 50 years track record, we know all the ins and outs of polyester production for your applications. This makes us the preferred supplier for high quality polyester for leading brands and major industry partners in the world.

Polyester Key Features

The FilamentFactory produces a wide variety of types. The shared traits of our polyester are

Good chemical resistance

Good Abrasion resistance

Excellent coating ability


Did you know?

The FilamentFactory has a proven track record in ultra-low shrinkage Polyester filament. Get in contact with our sales force, we’ll find the perfect fit for your application.